PowerShell Goodies

Hi I wanted to share with you some powershell goodies I use for my day-to-day work The idea is to have a few files to get you started with scripting fast, while creating a standardization when writing scripts All the scripts can be found in my Powershell Gallery page as well as on my Powershell GitHub […]

Automate ESXi deployment with ks.cfg and IIS

Hi In my previous post I discussed the procedure to deploy EFI-based ESXi through WDS (Windows Deployment Services). Make sure to go through that post before diving into this one There are some great documents online discussing the way to use ks.cfg file to automate your ESXi deployment. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a scripted […]

Visual Studio and Repositories 101

Hi So in my previous post I gave you a brief intro about repositories and some basics on what you can do with it. If you haven’t done so already, catch up – Introduction Intro to Repositories Let’s take a deeper dive into it and see how we can get our hands dirty. First things […]

Get to know repositories…

So, to start of my Use Source Control for IT Needs series, let’s talk about repositories. Repository is where you store your code. Basically, repositories are web-based locations where you will put your files. You would typically place scripts, text files and such there. The most famous repository is GitHub. Open source, free repository. Another one that […]

Use Source Control for IT Needs

Hi Everyone I wanted to start a series of blog posts on how to use Source Control for IT needs What do I mean? Source Control is considered to be a tool mainly used by development teams, and rightfully so. It is targeted towards dev needs, integrates with multiple languages and provides many tools to… […]