Get to know repositories…

So, to start of my¬†Use Source Control for IT Needs¬†series, let’s talk about repositories.

Repository is where you store your code.

Basically, repositories are web-based locations where you will put your files. You would typically place scripts, text files and such there.

The most famous repository is GitHub. Open source, free repository.

Another one that I use a lot is VisualStudio. Visual studio also has a free offering from Microsoft that you can get started with.

I won’t go into the pros and cons of each. You can read on both and see what you like better. I use both.

I will say that I trust VS more for my Microsoft-Oriented projects. Although the world is more open today and Microsoft supports linux and vice-versa, I tend to stick to the “vanilla” offerings – If I work in the MS world I prefer to use MS tools (Visual Studio, Azure, PowerShell, etc.) but this doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match.

My best advice is – start small. Play around. When you understand what you’re doing, you will be comfortable enough to know what tool or set of tools will provide you the greatest value.

So, you registered to GitHub / VS and now you can start a project. in VS, you can select the repo type as Git (make sure you do) and in GitHub it’s already selected.

Now, you can simply start uploading files, edit them online, comment on them and “commit” your changes. This will create “versions” and will allow you to track your actions history.

But, in the real world, you would want to download a client software to start doing serious stuff.

There are so many… a client editor can be as simple as notepad and as complicated as Visual Studio Enterprise.

A lot of folks are using NotePad++ due to the huge amount of extensions it provides.

I will focus in my next post on Visual Studio Community, the free version from Microsoft. Head over to the bottom of my website and search for the link to download the software.

Until next time


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