Provision Grafana and custom dashboards, automagically


I wanted to share with you some of my experience about automating the process of deploying Grafana and custom dashboards

In this process, I used the Prometheus operator to collect time-series metrics from my Kubernetes cluster and added Grafana to visualize it all in a beautiful way


If you want to know more about the process, or if you’re new to the micro-services world, you’re welcome to read the full post here where I discussĀ  each component in detail and illustrate the provisioning process


Omer Barel

DevOps Consultant, CodeValue


Automate Docker Deployment with Docker Infrastructure


In a series of blog posts I want to take you through the experience I had recently with building docker images in an automatic procedure

What will we cover?

  • Deploy the underlying infrastructure into AWS using CloudFormation
  • Deploy Jenkins & Artifactory using docker-compose
  • Configure Jenkins pipeline to build docker images using Jenkinsfile (a.k.a “Infrastructure-as-code”)
  • Configure Artifactory as a repository for npm packages, rpm packages & docker images

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